Sharaku | The Actor Ichikawa Komazô III as Shinozuka Gorô (Sadatsuna)

Sharaku | The Actor Ichikawa Komazô III as Shinozuka Gorô (Sadatsuna)

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Artist: Tōshūsai Sharaku 東洲斎 写楽 (active 1794–1795) 
Date: 1794 (Kansei 6), 5th month; 1963 Reprint
Publisher: Tsutaya Jûzaburô, Kôshodô (1794); Shuei-sha (1963)
Title: The Actor Ichikawa Komazô III as Shinozuka Gorô (Sadatsuna) | 三代目市川高麗蔵の篠塚五郎(貞綱) | Ichikawa Komazo no Shinozuka Goro (Sadatsuna)
Medium: Offset lithograph printed on tradtional Japanese handmade washi paper
 Envelope 31.5 cm x 46 cm

Play: Matsu wa Misao Onna Kusunoki
Theater: Kawarazaki

Tôshûsai Sharaku ga

Censor's seal: kiwame

The Shūeisha Masterpieces collection includes what many art historians consider the rarest and most representative works in the history of ukiyo-e. In order to make these rare works more accessible, Shūeisha commissioned a collection encompassing some of the greatest works of the most renowned masters in the history of the Japanese tradition.

These works were commissioned from original first impressions housed in collections all around the world, with the process overseen by a team of art historians. Each piece was reproduced on an authentic ukiyo-e washi broadsheet using a polychrome offset lithographic printing process, and comes mounted to an individual envelope noting the artist name, and series print number.

*Price is for Individual print and accompanying envelope. Full series are available for certain artists while supplies last. If you are interested in the complete set, the complete series (all 7 sets and/or addenda), or any of the accompanying documents and storage binders please contact:

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